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Intensive Bridal Hair & Makeup Course

Providing Everything You Need

Who is this course for?

This course is for those individuals who has no knowledge and are complete beginners-and want to start their exciting career of hair and makeup.
Individuals who has some knowledge of hair styling or makeup and want to excel in this glamorous world of  Bridal hair and makeup
or Professionals who are already doing bridal hair and makeup but find themselves stuck at some point or find some of the things challenging and wants to level up their skills and hair and makeup game


What does this course covers

Intensive Bridal Makeup Course

This course will cover all the basic and advance level topics and aspects of Bridal Makeup application along with marketing, meeting clients expectations, social media and Business tips to help you run a successful business.

Following topics will be covered

  • Skin Prep for all skin types

  • Colour correcting

  • Creating Different bases for different skin types

  • Eyeshadow application according to eye shapes

  • Eyeliner application for different eyes

  • Eyebrow definition and shaping

  • Creating lift using makeup

  • Sculpting and Contouring Techniques

  • Correcting lip shapes using lipstick and neat application

  • Choosing colors that goes well and in harmony with each other rather than clashing .

  • Concealer application and brightening under eyes

  • Makeup products and brushes hygiene and a lot more

  • Time saving tips on a wedding morning

Intensive Bridal Hair Styling Course

When it comes to Bridal hair Styling , Its is really important to know what hairstyle will look good depending on face shapes and head shape. Good recommendation and knowledge of what will look flattering on your clients is always highly appreciated. Ladies who do not style their hair regularly  expect their hairstylist to suggest and create the hairstyle which will look flattering on them, to meet your clients expectations you must be able to suggest and create hairstyles that will not only look flattering but will give them confidence to book you again and again.

what will be covered in the course

  • Face shaping

  • Parting to create any hairstyle

  • Products choice for different hair types

  • how to create crown area to suit different head shapes

  • How to tease hair to secure head jewellery

  • how to create crown to set dupatta/ headscarf

  • how to secure veil

  • Time saving tips for quick hair styling

  • how to secure hair to stay in place all day all night

  • and a lot more ...

Citrus Fruits
Glam Bridal Makeup Modern Makeup look Pakistani makeup

Intensive Bridal Hair & Makeup Course

If Becoming a makeup artist is your dream and you don't know where to start, Don't worry You're at the right place as I will teach you the most comprehensive and time saving tips and techniques of makeup application and hair styling  that I have learned over the years to perfect the art. This course will lead you to your dream journey and you will not be guessing anymore as you'll learn everything that it takes to make a successful journey and career. Take this step today and Learn how to become a successful and fully booked Hair and Makeup Artist !

Who Is this Course for ?

This course if for you, if you want to start a very fulfilling and rewarding career in the Wedding Hair and Makeup Industry as a Pro Artist. If you have been thinking to start a career that you always wanted to do or something that feeds your soul or the artist with in then you're at the right place.

This course is for

-complete beginners who want the right understanding and concrete basics, proper ins and outs ,as well as artists who has basic to medium understanding of makeup/hair styling and want to up level their skill set and get on top of their hair and makeup game and  for the pro artists who wants to brush up their skills and get confident in a certain style or want to pick up more tips and tricks.


Why choose me ?

I offer very intensive and in-depth knowledge of skin texture, types and how to work with them. I have worked with 100s of Bride and clients and I have vast experience to prepare you for a very rewarding yet sometimes challenging job if you were to come across someone who has a difficult type of skin to work with you must be prepared with a lot of knowledge for good skin prep and makeup application.

Informative and in depth training with  lots of tips and techniques gives you the confidence that you need to be able to carry out makeup application properly.

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