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My Story

Doing makeup is not my job, it’s all about my passion.

      It’s all started since I was 10.  I have always been interested in hair and makeup. Doing my cousins makeup in the sleepovers was my favourite thing. I always used to do my mum’s makeup for parties and was so proud of it. When I moved to London after getting married, had nothing to do all day and I started watching YouTube videos. When I started working, the passion continued and I used to do makeup on my colleagues if they had to go somewhere after work. At work one of my friends daughter in law said that I do better makeup than she got done last week from a makeup counter since then I decided that I peruse my career as makeup artist and that’s how this journey began…

I then started learning more about make up in detail, different skin types, skin colours and undertones etc. How to enhance natural features and bringing out the natural beauty. I found out Angie Di Batista and Mathias4makeup and they are my online make up teachers.

My Aim

      Providing a calm and satisfactory service is my first and foremost aim. I love to create perfect and dream look of every bride who trusts me for her very special day. Enhancing features and bringing out the natural beauty is my goal. Creating a look that makes you look and most importantly feels beautiful and confident. Last but not least making sure that the look lasts all day through the emotional and happy tears xxx..

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